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Mindfulness in our SeeHotel everyday life

From our PV system, which uses solar energy efficiently, to e-charging stations, organic Granny Smiths and herbs from our hotel garden – we focus on short distances, ecological innovations and a conscious use of resources.


Green energy

Our photovoltaic system on the roof generates sustainable electricity, while our ice storage system with heat recovery and heat pump provides both cooling in summer and heating in winter in the rooms. We have replaced our light sources with LEDs throughout the house and installed motion detectors where appropriate.

Environmentally friendly mobility

From e-bikes and work bikes to electric company cars - we focus on short distances and sustainable means of transportation. We also offer our guests the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles in an environmentally friendly way with e-charging stations.
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Paperless office

One of our medium-term goals is a paperless office. For example, our guests can fill out their registration form digitally and receive their invoices conveniently by email when they check out. We handle and archive our guest correspondence digitally and only print when absolutely necessary.

Sustainable gastronomy

Our gastronomic philosophy includes a generally conscious approach to food. We rely on short supply chains and local or regional suppliers wherever possible. Some foods have not had to be transported, such as our organic Granny Smiths and herbs from our own garden or our Ketch water.
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Employee well-being and development

Flexible working time models contribute enormously to the well-being of our employees, while targeted development opportunities ensure that they can act professionally and independently. At the SeeHotel, the focus is on people - whether guests or employees.
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In the guest rooms

The power supply in the rooms can be controlled centrally using a key card. With our resource-saving room cleaning, we use cleaning agents, laundry and working hours as efficiently as possible. Refillable pump dispensers in the bathrooms and the avoidance of plastic wherever possible round off our sustainable concept in the guest rooms.

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Winter break

23.12.2023 - 1.1.2024

The hotel reopens its doors on Tuesday, January 2, and we welcome our first restaurant guests exactly one week later, on Tuesday, January 9. We are also available for reservations and other requests between the years, you can reach us daily between 9 am and 12 noon – in person, by telephone and by e-mail.

We wish you a happy and relaxing festive season!