With the already existing legal regulations in the area of hygiene and food regulation, we already adhere to a high standard in our company and follow a reliable implementation and documentation. The current situation requires additional rules that we have installed in the SeeHotel and check to get you out of this crisis safely.

For our hotel guests:

We have changed our check-in so that it can work contactless on request. In the entrance area all necessary documents are prepared: registration slip, room card, directions to the hotel room, hotel bill.

Breakfast is also free of contact on request. For this purpose, we have prepared a breakfast order form for the room service the next morning at the check-in counter. Our kitchen team prepares the breakfast with mouthguards and gloves and places it packed in front of the hotel room at the desired time.

The hotel rooms are also disinfected viruzid in addition to the usual thorough cleaning.

Disinfection dispensers are available in our public areas.
Public areas, in most areas (doors, door handles, work surfaces), are regularly disinfected; we interpret a written documentation with employees and time recording transparently.
Disposable gloves are already available at the entrance, but also at the reception.

For our employees:

All our employees are instructed by our hygiene standards and are regularly trained and checked. These include:

  • Compliance with HACCP guidelines
  • Regular and proper washing and disinfection of hands
  • Compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 m compared to guests and colleagues
  • Wearing and handling oral and nose coverings (MNB) as well as gloves
  • Compliance with the cough and sneeze label
  • Employees with colds stay at home

Restaurant visits:

All tables must be reserved in advance. For tracking purposes, we are obliged to include contact details (first and last name, telephone number).

Unfortunately, guests who are in contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2 if 14 days have not passed since the last contact, as well as guests who have symptoms of a respiratory infection or elevated temperature, we are not allowed to receive.

In order to regulate the simultaneous presence, we stagger the reservations every hour (6 p.m., 7 p.m., 8 p.m.).

The minimum distance of 1.50 m between the tables is guaranteed.

Running paths are marked on the ground.

In front of the restaurant entrance, a display with the necessary information is placed in the form of pictograms, which informs all arriving guests about the prescribed etiquette.

Afterwards, all guests are welcomed in the entrance area, informed about running paths and other special features and then placed.

Disinfection dispensers are positioned in our public areas – at the entrance, at the exit, on the public toilets.

Disposable gloves are provided at the entrance.

surfaces (doors, door handles, work surfaces) are regularly disinfected; we interpret a written documentation with employees and time recording transparently.

Due to the current situation, we refrain from accepting the wardrobe. A cloakroom stand is available for drop-off in the entrance area. If the weather permits, we kindly ask you to leave the wardrobe in the car.



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