Restart 2021

Finally again for everyone…

After almost seven months, we are finally allowed to open our doors again for ALL* guests. From now on, overnight stays are possible not only for business but also in a tourist or private setting. Our restaurant Die Ente is now available from 2.6. open for the next 14 days from 6 pm to 9 pm. If the weather cooperates, we also serve again on our beautiful lake terrace.

As with the first restart almost exactly one year ago, there are again one or the other organizational and bureaucratic challenge. Not all rules and regulations are so clear that there is an answer for every situation. But as you know, we grow with our tasks… In the following, we have summarized the rules of the game that apply to an opening:

*The basis for tourist/leisure visits are the so-called 3 G’s: vaccinated, tested or recovered. At least one G must be met.

The group of VACCINATED includes those who are fully vaccinated and whose last vaccination was at least 14 days ago. RECOVERIES are people who have a positive PCR test result whose date was at least 28 days ago, but no longer than six months. If you do not meet one or the other criterion, you can come to eat or stay negatively TESTED with a corresponding certificate. This can be issued in the classic way in a test center or via service providers who have a team specially trained for this purpose, and must not be older than 24 hours.

As far as contact tracing is concerned, we chose the luca app because it is the fastest and most sustainable solution for everyone involved.

Who is allowed to sit with whom? A maximum of five people from a maximum of two households who test negative may come together at a table. There is no restriction in vaccinated or recovered persons. Thus, any number of people from this group can join the tested. There is also no restriction for children under 6 years of age. A distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained between two tables as practiced.

For our hotel guests, a new test must be submitted every three days. What is new is that now our business travelers must meet at least one of the 3 G’s.

For more information, we have linked here to the homepage of our umbrella organization DEHOGA, where one or the other possible question is answered in the FAQ’s.

We are so excited to see you ALL again!

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