Our trainees and dualis in lockdown

Our Apprentice Rico


Who would have thought at first that we would still be in lockdown in February 2021. But our trainees and dualis don’t let their heads hang and continue to work hard. Here we would like to introduce them: our Trainees Jessi and Marina and Rico, Erasme, Pia and Joschka.

Two of our Trainees are now on the verge of testing – you certainly imagined this differently when you started your training. But life doesn’t always play out the way you think. A realization that we have all gained through Corona. Nevertheless, our trainees have benefited a bit from the current situation, as they have been encouraged to work independently due to the short-time work. Our Trainee Rico told the Schwetzinger Zeitung:“You are more than usual forced to look outside the box.” And most importantly, they feel prepared for the upcoming exams (Stefan Kern, 11.02.2021, training period with light and shadow, Schwetzinger Zeitung, p.9)

Of course, one wonders what tasks a cook will perform during the lockdown. In the beginning we were still very creative here and the cooking skills of our trainees were extended to do-it-yourself skills. This allowed us to undertake some renovations in our hotel rooms and our garden also benefited from the lockdown:painting tablesand meeting roomswere among the daily to-dos here. Of course, the cooking was never too short! Our trainees hold the position and cook for our hotel andConference guests. Also

The homemade pasta from our trainees
we have

introduced “Project Days” to perfect the production of various basics. Pasta, ice cream or gugelhupfe were on the agenda here. And our current highlight for our guests is the SeeHotel Burger, where of course every component has been made with a lot of love, from Burger Bun to Patty.


Dear Jessi, Marina and Pia, dear Rico, Erasme and Joschka,

Thank you for going through this weird time with us – you’re doing a great job!

Dear Rico, Dear Erasme, we wish you every success and luck for the test.


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