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Hülya, 55, at SeeHotel since 2007 and working in the breakfast service area.

What is SeeHotel for you?

A family place, warm and welcoming, where you will always find a sympathetic ear, even in difficult times. And this despite the fact that it is primarily a business hotel, where you would not expect this proximity.

What challenges do you face in your job?

Every day is just different! For example, at big festivals, there are always things or situations that have not been with us before. That’s exciting because you never know exactly what’s going to happen next.

How has SeeHotel changed since you started working here?

The modernization of the SeeHotel and also the renovations in recent years have made many things easier for us employees. For example, the individual pieces of equipment no longer have to be transported over several floors, since we got a fixed place for breakfast with the salon.

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